Masterchef Australia 2016: Matt, Elena, And Elise Crack Under The Pressure

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Masterchef Australia 2016 can be counted on to deliver the drama, despite rival shows claiming that the reality cooking show is ?boring.? In the latest episode, three of the chefs vying for the crown find themselves subjected to the heat of the kitchen — with only one of them coming out unscathed.

Chefs Matt Sinclair, Elena Duggan and Elise Franciskovic struggled to make perfect dishes for the dozens of hungry food lovers looking to be served a meal and a dessert. Sinclair was the first to feel the pressure as he struggled to finish 80 Barramundi fillets with grilled pineapple and taro chips in under 60 minutes. He struggled with the multitasking, and even quipped that he needed to ?split himself in two at this stage.?

Next to crumble was Duggan, who had forgotten to make a sauce for her dish, and had to hurriedly whip up a lamb jus that even she was worried would not pass muster with the judges. She was very much aware of this, even pointing out that ?a beautiful jus needs plenty of time to thicken and develop flavor.?

Lastly, Franciskovic experienced some panic over her panna cottas after discovering that she had miscounted and may not have enough of the dish to serve to the 80 food lovers gathered. This led her to go on a frantic search for more panna cotta liquid so as to meet the demand and also to undercut the richness of her dish.


Theresa Visintin was the latest person to be eliminated from Masterchef Australia.

Fortunately, Franciskovic was able to find more liquid, and not only met the demand but also garnered approval from the judges, who remarked that her dish recalled not just the soil of Western Australia, but also the ?gold that underpins the wealth of the west of our great country.? Franciskovic and her teammate Trent Harvey ended up saved from the elimination challenge which will be aired tonight. Joining them in the safe zone are Brett Carter and Harry Foster.

After Theresa Visintin?s elimination during the July 4 episode — something that The Bitbag speculated on — now fighting for the right to stay in the Masterchef Australia kitchen are Sinclair, Duggan, Mimi Baines and Chloe Bowles. Among the four, Bowles seems the most susceptible to being eliminated, with this being her seventh time in an elimination challenge.

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