Masterchef Australia 2016: Judges Lose To Contestants In Cook-Off!

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Viewers of Masterchef Australia 2016 may be used to seeing the home cooks sweating under the pressure of the various challenges they face in each episode, but last night?s episode saw a change as it was the show?s judges that were now competing in a cook-off.

Judges Gary Mehigan, George Calombaris, and Shannon Bennett found themselves battling each other and then the contestants in the latest Masterchef Australia episode, and the role reversal gave the contestants an opportunity for some good-natured ribbing.

As reported by the Daily Mail, the judges found themselves in a tight spot when the poached quail breast with pickled turnip and mushroom puree that they presented to the home chefs turned out to still have bones in it.

The bones were discovered after finalist Matt Sinclair had difficulty chewing because of a small bone in the puree. Fellow finalist Elise Franciskovic was quick to point out the mistake, saying ?Matt’s trying to eat the judges’ dish, but there’s a crunchy element that’s not meant to be there. And it’s a bone.?


Tables were turned as the judges were the one that undertook a cook-off in the latest episode.

Calombaris already had an inkling that the bone would ?cost? them, and this was proven true when Matt Preston declared that ?Flavour is king, but then, bones aren’t. Two dishes but only one without bones – it goes to the contestants.?

The comparatively light-hearted episode was definitely a needed break for the contestants, who saw such great competitors such as Brett Carter, Trent Harvey, and Mimi Baines depart the competition after a series of tough elimination challenges.

The latest episode has also done nothing to dismiss the speculation about Sinclair being the eventual winner of Masterchef Australia. The rumors first arose when Sinclair was the only contestant from the current season that appeared at an event that included celebrity chefs, Masterchef Australia alums, and the show?s judges.

A Sinclair win would be a great turnaround for the 27-year-old coffee roaster, who had been in a total elimination challenges so far, despite previously winning an immunity pin. He has impressed judges before, namely Nigella Lawson and Marco Pierre White.

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