Masterchef Australia 2016: Home Chefs Face The ‘Mistique’!

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Masterchef Australia 2016 is inching closer and closer to the finals, and tonight three chefs will face a pressure test so complicated that it?s anybody?s guess who?s staying on and who?s going to be eliminated from the reality cooking show.

Today?s pressure test is Chef Christy Tania?s dessert, dubbed the ?Mistique?. Contestants Mimi Baines, Trent Harvey, and Matt Sinclair only have four and a half hours to recreate the dessert, which is made up of 17 different elements and a 65-step recipe.

As reported by News.com.au, the brief given to the Melbourne patissier was to ?make something difficult — go crazy?, and the chef delivered with a ?perfectly formed cake with two different glazes, topped with orange chocolate sable, and a blue chocolate sphere? presented in a smoked glass dome.

The site goes on to further describe the dessert, saying ?The cake itself is made of components including a caramel milk chocolate mousse, vanilla marshmallow, passion fruit curd, 72 per cent chocolate crumb and a banana milk chocolate brownie.?


The remaining chefs continue to face tougher and tougher challenges.

Additionally, the three chefs have to temper two types of chocolate at different levels of heat for the cake decoration — just one of the five-page recipe the dish requires. The chefs will also need to finish in four and a half hours, a dish that has taken Tania several months to perfect.

This particular pressure test is definitely meant to separate the chaff from the wheat, especially after heavily favored Brett Carter found himself eliminated from the competition by a pressure test that saw him crumble while working at Chef Curtis Stone?s Maude restaurant.

Going into the pressure test, Sinclair is definitely on shakier ground than Baines and Harvey, especially after Harvey was the first one to get a spot in the fast-track-to-the-finals challenge. This is Sinclair?s eighth time in an elimination challenge, and he has already shown himself to struggle at multitasking.

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