Masterchef Australia 2016: Heather’s Days In The Kitchen Ends, Elena Soars

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Masterchef Australia 2016 has seen yet another of its contestants leave the kitchen and join the likes of Karmen Liu and Miles Pritchett in the outside world. Heston Blumenthal?s color-themed challenge appeared to be too much for Heather Day as she found herself eliminated from the competition in last night?s episode.

As reported by News.com.au, Day?s yellow-inspired lemon sultana pudding literally collapsed on her plate, which was just one of the problems the judges encountered with her dish. During the critique, News.com.au reports that ?George Calombaris was confused by the flavour combinations. Matt Preston said the bitterness of the coffee and the sweetness of the white chocolate mousse overwhelmed the core lemon flavour.?

It?s certainly a disappointing performance from Day, who had previously captained a team to victory, and who had expressed excitement at getting the color yellow as it gave her a chance to make a variation of her mother?s lemon sultana pudding. News.com.au quotes her as saying that she ?had been practising the lemon dessert and some really good feedback on the flavour combination.?

While Day floundered, the Daily Mail reports that the judges heaped praises on Elena Duggan?s orange-inspired seafood dish, with Blumentahl even declaring it the ?best dish? he?s had all week and even ?fit for a Michelin-starred restaurant.?

Duggan says her dish — prawns, crabs and scallops combined with seafood broth — was inspired by beachside walks taken with her sister during their teenage years. The Daily Mail quotes her as saying, ?’We would stay out on the reef as long as we could until dinnertime, just playing. I hope that she would like eating this dish.?

With Day?s elimination, this leaves Duggan, Mimi Baines, Elise Fanciskovic, Trent Harvey, Matt Sinclair, Brett Carter, Chloe Bowles, Harry Foster and Therese Visintin as the nine remaining chefs vying for the masterchef crown. If past performance is any metric, Carter looks set to be a top contender for the crown, as he has been in danger of being eliminated only twice in the competition. Competing on far shakier ground is Sinclair, who has been up for elimination for five times now.

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