Masterchef Australia 2016 Finale: It’s Matt Sinclair v Elena Duggan v Heston Blumenthal In The Finals!

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The Masterchef Australia 2016 finale? airs tonight after finally trimming down to its final two, and the reality cooking show isn?t making things any easier for Matt Sinclair and Elena Duggan as they face off not only against each other, but against acclaimed chef Heston Blumenthal.

During the season finale for ?Masterchef Australia,? one of the challenges that Sinclair and Duggan will face will be to recreate a dessert by Blumenthal and his head chef at Dinner by Heston, Ashley Palmer-Watts.

A report by News.com.au provides more details about the upcoming grand finale, wherein the contestants will be facing three challenges worth a cumulative 100 points. Whoever gets the most points at the end of the challenge will emerge as the winner of this season of ?Masterchef Australia.?

The first challenge of the Masterchef Australia 2016 finale will involve Sinclair and Duggan cooking a dish based on one hero ingredient, all to be accomplished in the space of an hour. The winner of this challenge earns 30 points.


Internet speculation puts Matt Sinclair as the likely winner of tonight’s Masterchef Australia 2016 finale.

The second challenge gives the contestants complete freedom to come up with a main course, using any cuisine, style, or ingredients that they want. Just like the first challenge, the winner of this gets 30 points.

It?s in the third and final challenge that the pair will find themselves facing Blumenthal and the dessert he?s made for them to recreate. Worth 40 points, the two home cooks will be given four and a half hours to accomplish this feat, which recalls the ?Mistique? challenge that took out Trent Harvey.

The last episode, which saw Harry Foster get eliminated from the competition, further strengthened online speculation that Sinclair is going to win this edition of ?Masterchef Australia.? The challenge required Sinclair, Duggan and Foster to cook a main course and a dessert for 20 guest and the judges. Both Sinclair?s dishes were called flawless by the judges, while Duggan and Foster went to the bottom two.

If Sinclair does end up being the winner of the competition, it will be quite the turnaround for the 27-year-old coffee roaster, who before his successive success in the kitchen had a difficulty with multitasking.

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