Masterchef Australia 2016 Finale: Elena Claims Masterchef Championship!

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Viewers of the Masterchef Australia 2016 finale were witness to a stunning win that completely overturned audience expectations and saw the competition?s dark horse installed as the newest champion of the reality cooking show.

In an episode that had finalists Matt Sinclair and Elena Duggan neck-and-neck throughout, it turned out that a split egg would become the decider and end up seeing 32-year-old teacher Duggan snatch the win from 27-year-old coffee roaster Matt SInclair.

In a report by The Sydney Morning Herald, the paper recounted how the competition swung back and forth between the two competitors. In the grand finale, Sinclair and Duggan faced three challenges:

-The first challenge of the Masterchef Australia 2016 finale involved Sinclair and Duggan cooking a dish based on one hero ingredient, all to be accomplished in the space of an hour. The winner of this challenge earns 30 points.


Internet speculations were proven false when Matt Sinclair did not win the Masterchef Australia 2016 finale.

-The second challenge gave the contestants complete freedom to come up with a main course, using any cuisine, style, or ingredients that they want. Just like the first challenge, the winner of this gets 30 points.

-The third and final challenge found the pair facing Blumenthal and the dessert he?s made for them to recreate. Worth 40 points, the two home cooks were given four and a half hours to accomplish this feat, which recalls the ?Mistique? challenge that took out Trent Harvey.

During the first round of the challenge, Matt was ahead by three points with his pan-seared quail with confit legs, corn and chorizo salsa and Pedro Ximenez glaze. However, the second challenge proved to be a literal equalizer as both Sinclair?s skinned barramundi with brussels sprouts and a pancetta and prawn broth and Duggan?s twice-cooked lamb, lamb jus, with a macadamia, garlic and onion puree, pickled beets and vegetables both ended up getting perfect scores from the judges.

However, the third challenge saw Matt fumble as his panna cotta failed to set, which led to a chain of events that led to his egg splitting right at the end of the challenge. The mistake cost him the championship and saw Duggan take the crown. Duggan?s win debunked internet speculation that placed Sinclair as the competition?s likely winner.

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