Masterchef Australia 2016: Elise Exits; Elena Is Elevated

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Masterchef Australia 2016 has been steadily edging towards its finale, and along with that, it has been shedding the competing chefs one by one. In the latest episode, yet another home cook crumbled before a challenge that involved the process of liquefaction and aeration, as well as the involvement of gelatin.

Elise Franciskovic, previous winner of the power apron, found herself unable to master a smoked chocolate parfait that led to her being eliminated from the show and ending up just a stone?s throw away from the grand finale for Masterchef Australia.

In a report by the Daily Mail, it looked like things were not going well for Franciskovic right from the very start of the challenge, as her choice to make a parfait was immediately criticized as being ?too safe?, which in turn led to waterworks on her part.

After deciding to smoke her parfait to distance it from the ?too safe? criticism, she was able to get her emotions under control and get back into the competition. However, it was not enough to save her, as the judges did not like its presentation and went on to pick apart its taste as well. Franciskovic joins other eliminated chefs Brett Carter, Mimi Baines, and Trent Harvey.


Judges are going to have a hard time picking the winner for this year’s edition of Masterchef Australia.

Franciskovic was up against Harry Foster and Matt Sinclair, as Elena Duggan had found herself in the top three after winning the mystery box challenge with her crab, apple, and cauliflower dish. While Sinclair?s dish was hailed by the judges, Foster?s was criticized for looking like a mess.

With the top three being Duggan, Sinclair, and Foster, it looks more and more like the internet speculation that Sinclair is the likely winner of this season of Masterchef Australia is true. A win for Sinclair would be a treat for the 27-year-old coffee roaster, who has now been in nine elimination challenges. While he has had trouble in the past multitasking, Sinclair?s dishes have been getting praise from the judges in the recent episodes, and he was at one point also a recipient of the immunity pin.

Do you think that Sinclair will really end up winning the whole competition? Or is it a ruse for an eventual win for Duggan? Share your thoughts in the comments section below and keep it here for more Masterchef Australia 2016 spoilers, news, and updates!

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