Masterchef Australia 2016: Elena Dugan Is The First Chef To Make It To Top 5

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Masterchef Australia 2016 now has its first chef in the top five.

After a challenging pressure test that had Brett Carter, Elena Duggan, Elise Franciskovic, Harry Foster, Matt Sinclair, and Mimi Baines recreating a main course and a dessert by two Michelin star chef Dominique Creen, Duggan, Sinclair, and Baines emerged victorious and joined Trent Harvey in the fast-track-to-finals challenge.

As recounted by the Daily Mail, ?Duggan was the one who emerged victorious with her quail, grapes and goat?s cheese, and guaranteed her a spot in the final top five. While her competitors? dishes were all praised by the judges as well, it was her dish that was declared ?food heaven? by Masterchef Australia judge George Colombaris.

Colombaris? remark was made after the judges had praised Duggan for the presentation of her dish, calling it mesmerizing and that it had them ?salivating?. Even Elena?s decision to add lavender to the dish — which posed the danger of overpowering the other flavors — proved to be a smart move, as judge Matt Preston said the lavender ?adds a bit of fragrance to the dish?.


Brett Carter still remains the chef to beat in Masterchef Australia 2016

Preston also told the three other chefs that their performance was nothing to be ashamed of, and that if the rules allowed for it, they would have been fast-tracked to the finals as well. The Daily Mail quotes him as saying that: ‘All four of those guys, I’d be quite happy to put them all through right now.?

Harvey impressed the judges with a grilled quail with cauliflower skordalia and agrodocle sauce, while Sinclair prepared a roasted lamb rack with witlof, celeriac puree and red wine and muscatel. Meanwhile, Baines produced a red wine and grape sorbet with red wine-soaked cake and blue cheese cream.

With Duggan through to the top five, Carter, Franciskovic, Foster, Sinclair, Baines, and Harvey will now be battling it out in a food truck challenge, the latest in the weeklong stay in the state of California. Whichever team loses will end up competing in the elimination challenge, and the chef that performs the worst will end up joining eliminated competitors Chloe Bowles, Theresa Visintin, and Heather Day.

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