Masterchef Australia 2016: Curtis Stone Loses It!

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Masterchef Australia 2016 has been accused of being boring, but that certainly wasn?t the case in the most recent episode, where one of the aspiring chefs got a fierce talking-to from a culinary celebrity often known for his cool and calm demeanor in the kitchen.

The Daily Mail chronicles the Curtis Stone crackdown that descended upon Masterchef Australia 2016 contestant Matt Sinclair during the latest episode?s degustation challenge. Along with his teammate Heather Day, Sinclair messed up on the third course of the challenge, prompting Curtis Stone to explode and ask the pair what was going on.

Sinclair had put the duck they were cooking into the pan a little too late, which led Curtis Stone to declare that the pair ?better pray that these guys are slow. You guys have a responsibility to make up the time and get this food out. When I say ‘now’, I mean now, now, now, now, now.?

Sinclair admits that he had lost track of time, which lead to the duck delay. While the dish did not earn any praise from the judges, it wasn?t enough to send Sinclair and Day to the bottom two. The chefs who will battle it out in less than an hour tonight will be Elise Franciskovic and Trent Harvey, whose prawns failed to impress. They will be going up against the team of Chloe Bowles and Nicolette Stathopoulos, who also failed to wow the judges in the degustation challenge. Those who crumble in the head-to-head will join the ranks of eliminated contestants Charlie Satori and Miles Pritchett

Meanwhile, Masterchef Australia 2016 fans also had a bit of fun comparing judge Matt Preston to Bruce Bogtrotter from the children?s film, Matilda. As the Daily Mail reports, the Masterchef Australia Memes Facebook page started the trend when it posted ?juxtaposed pictures of Bruce and Matt, with the words: ‘Remember Bruce Bogtrotter from Matilda? This is him now… Feel old yet?’? Obviously, Bruce Bogtrotter did not grow up to become Matt Preston, but the meme was funny enough to amass 15,000 likes and 2,800 shares.

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