Masterchef Australia 2016: Colors Confound Chefs In Tonight’s Eliminations

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Masterchef Australia 2016 has been putting its contestants through the ringer during Heston Week, and it doesn?t look like the renowned celebrity chef is done with the challenges as tonight?s elimination round will be revolving around the theme of color.

As reported by The Australian, the chefs up for elimination tonight will be tasked with working with a specific color inspiration when preparing their dishes, causing the media outlet to gush: ?Is there anything he (Heston) hasn?t worked on, experimented with, deconstructed or dismantled scientifically in the name of culinary art??

The Australian explains that ?A random knife-pull sees each contestant select a blade, only to find it has been dipped in a colour. Each colour signifies one of the seven colours of the rainbow. The contestants have 75 minutes to cook a dish inspired by the colour on their knife blade. Heston and the judges will taste all seven dishes before deciding who stays.?

The chefs up on the chopping block, of course, are the ones that floundered during the show?s historical challenge. As recapped by the Daily Mail, all the contestants were stumped upon first receiving the recipes they were to take inspiration from for the challenge, which were written in ?Ye Olde English?. The chefs were so unfamiliar with the language that it led Theresa Visintin to exclaim: ?Oh, Lord have mercy. I realise I can’t read it. Oh. I can’t even read proper English.?

Once they were able to decode the recipes, the chefs were tasked to update them for modern times. Elise Franciskovic was able to shine with her modern interpretation of a 17th century apple tart, which Heston Blumenthal called ?fabulous?. Franciskovic was able to pass the test, and joins Harry Foster and Mimi Baines in the safe zone.

Theresa, however, was unable to finish her roulade of chicken with hazelnuts, and will now be competing against Brett Carter, Chloe Bowles, Elena Duggan, Heather Day, Trent Harvey, and Matt Sinclair. Theresa, who was already eliminated during the episode that aired on May 30, may just be the next chef to join the ranks of eliminated chefs, Charlie Satori and Miles Pritchett.

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