Masterchef Australia 2016: Chloe Bowes Takes Off The Apron

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Masterchef Australia 2016 is getting closer and closer to its finale, and even the most talented of competitors are finding themselves cracking under the pressure. Last night?s episode saw one of the show?s strong contenders depart after an unsuccessful dish.

Chloe Bowles, who at one point was close to making Masterchef Australia?history by winning a second immunity pin, was eliminated from the competition after her honey mousse with orange curd, butter wafer with blackberry citrus sauce ended up being a total disaster. The loss is doubly painful as the remaining contestants — ?Brett Carter, Trent Harvey, Elena Duggan, Elise Franciskovic, Matt Sinclair, Harry Foster, Mimi Bain — will now be heading to California for a week of episodes filmed in San Francisco, the Napa Valley, Santa Monica, Beverly Hills and San Diego.

Last night?s elimination challenge involved the competing chefs bidding for ingredients to use in their dish by giving up five minutes of their allotted 120-minute preparation time. After acquiring eggs, citrus fruits and spreads, Bowles still had the most time to prepare with 100 minutes.

However, Bowles? decision to change dishes midway during the challenge led to her defeat. After initially planning on a frozen nougat or lemon syrup cake, she instead opted to cook a ?honey mousse with orange curd, butter wafer with blackberry citrus sauce. Her plan to impress backfired when the dish did not come together at all.


Matt Sinclair is on shaky ground in the coming week.

With Bowles now joining the ranks of Theresa Visintin and Heather Day, the chefs still in the running towards becoming champion are Brett Carter, Elena Dugan, Elise Franciskovic, Harry Foster, Matt Sinclair, Mimi Baines, and Trent Harvey. And with six wins and only having been up for elimination twice, it looks like the competition is for airline captain Carter to lose.

Standing on far shakier ground is coffee roaster Sincliar, who has been up for elimination seven times now, and has spent the past couple of challenges frazzled or struggling to multitask. Sinclair could possibly be the next chef sent home.

Do you agree that this is Brett Carter?s competition to lose? What do you think are Matt Sinclair?s chances of staying on? Keep it here for more Masterchef Australia 2016 spoilers, news, and updates.

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