This massage gun is perfect for your daily wellness routine

Get a satisfying massage in an instant.

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Relieve muscle pain conveniently with Opove:

  • Durable, lightweight, and versatile massage gun
  • Easy to use and clean
  • Features different massage heads and modes
  • Massages muscles and joints efficiently
  • Helps relieve muscle pain 
  • Provides a relaxing massage


Whether you engage in strenuous activities or not, you’ve probably experienced muscle pain before. Even if you sit in front of your laptop all day while working or studying, your muscles can become sore. Aside from painkillers and other home remedies, it would be great to have a tool that can help relieve the pain and relax your muscles – don’t you agree?

Opove offers a device that’s essential for everyone’s wellness routine. The Opove APEX Massage Gun allows you to enjoy a relaxing self-massage anywhere you are. You can bring it to the gym to use after your workout or when you get home after a tiring day. 

Its 14.5mm amplitude penetrates tissues deeper than 60 percent of other massagers while its max 50lbs stall force provides more effective massage and pain relief for maximum training gains. Since it uses its own weight, you can use this massage gun on your arms, thighs, and back without straining your wrist or finger.

It features a high-precision structure that will not deviate from the pressure point during a massage. You’ll also experience a long, comfortable, and quiet massage with its powerful brushless motor. The Opove motor also provides efficient stimulation for your muscles and joints. 

The Opove APEX Massage Gun includes six massage heads tailored for your neck, spine, achilles, joints, bones, and deep muscle tissue and precision massage. The device also has three speeds to deliver what your body needs. You may control this through an easy one-touch button. It includes a protective carrying case, battery charger, and product manual as well.