Mass Effect Andromeda Update 1.08 Release Time Announced By Bioware

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Mass Effect Andromeda update 1.08
Source: MASS EFFECT Andromeda | Combat Weapons & Skills | Official Gameplay Series – Part 1 video

Yesterday, Bioware officially announced the full patch notes for the next Mass Effect Andromeda update, though no release date was stated. Mass Effect producer Michael Gamble just announced today that update 1.08 will be released tomorrow morning. The new patch includes general damage buffs and other weapon improvement tweaks. Here’s what we know about the Mass Effect Andromeda update 1.08 release.

Release Time

Gamble said on his Twitter that the Mass Effect Andromeda update 1.08 will be released on June 8 at 8AM PDT. More than the weapon patch notes, some character skills are also buffed or tweaked to the player’s advantage. Male Ryders can now romance Jaal Ama Darav in their playthroughs after update 1.08.

Weapon Buffs

Update 1.08 buffs both melee and ranged weapons for the Mass Effect Andromeda players. Bioware pushed out the buff to service fans who focused on certain builds but can’t commit due to the weapon’s lackluster damage. The melee weapons’ damage has been increased by 200. The buff essentially doubles the damage output of melee weapons in Mass Effect Andromeda update 1.08.

Meanwhile, the guns have had an increased accuracy in this patch. Their recoil, weapon bloom, and maximum reticle size has been reduced for automatic guns. Overall, this means that guns won’t shake too much when firing and don’t lose too much accuracy during rapid fire. The patch also adds damage boosts and other advantageous changes to the guns in Mass Effect Andromeda.

Male Romance Route: Jaal

More than damage buffs on weapons, Mass Effect Andromeda now adds Jaal as a romantic option for the male character. Previously, players noticed that there aren’t enough gay romance routes for male Ryder. Adding Jaal to the list should satisfy that, should they pursue a gay-exclusive romance playthrough in Mass Effect Andromeda.

Additionally, many fans noted that the gay romances in Mass Effect Andromeda were lacking as it didn’t feature scenes as explicit as the regular heterosexual ones. The same could also be said with sexual scenes with the other alien races as the characters barely do any effort to remove their armor. According to the Mass Effect Andromeda patch notes blog, the developers consulted the LGBTQ community, both in team and outside, to pull off Jaal’s gay route correctly.

More Features Upcoming

The Mass Effect Andromeda patch 1.08 also includes singleplayer and multiplayer system changes. Potentially, we might get a major update from EA this coming E3 2017. Stay updated with more Mass Effect Andromeda news here on The Bitbag.

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