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Mass Effect Andromeda Update: Bioware To Address Feedback On April 4

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mass effect andromeda update
Gameplay from Mass Effect Andromeda. [Image from the Mass Effect website]

It looks like Bioware will be discussing a possible Mass Effect Andromeda update soon, as the complaints pile up. Fans and critics have gone on length about some of the game’s problems, while also acknowledging that it’s not awful. Bioware will address the game’s feedback on April 4 next week, so fans have that to look forward to.

This was confirmed by Bioware on Twitter, where they addressed the fans about the game’s positive and negative feedback. Some have wanted a major patch for the game to make it less buggy, while others want better facial animations. Next week will be an interesting one for the space opera RPG, so one can hope it pleases the fans.

Wanted Fixes

Players want a number of fixes on a future Mass Effect Andromeda update, aside from the usual facial animation complaints. Vetra is a character players desperately want to bed, since she’s a bisexual alien that both Ryder twins can hit on. Longer sex scenes for LGBT characters has also been requested, since they usually get the dull fade-to-black treatment.

Gameplay-wise, Andromeda plays fine, though a few funny GIFs of the player’s AI squadmates have been shared on the internet. More customization options have also been asked for, since players can’t outfit their squadmates, or choose their skills. This was intentional apparently, but some fans feel like it simplified the game, which isn’t always a good thing.

Let’s Patch Things Up

Credit where it’s due, it seems like Bioware is aware of the game’s flaws and a new Mass Effect Andromeda update is seemingly on the horizon. They wouldn’t address the fans like this if they didn’t plan on fixing the game, or adding more enjoyment to it. No one knows how much better it can get, but it’s not like the game is unplayable or broken, just heavily flawed.

Most of the disappointment comes to standards, since the first three Mass Effect games blew expectations and entertained many fans. Even the third game’s infamous ending wasn’t enough to deter it, as the series’ legacy continues to be bright. This won’t break the Mass Effect fan base, since players still discuss it online and will likely buy a sequel.

Mass Effect Andromeda is out now on Windows PC, PS4 and Xbox One. Players that want a similar experience in a different setting can play Dragon Age: Inquisition, which seems to be the better game.

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