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Mass Effect Andromeda Trial Update Brings Much-Needed Improvements And Game Fixes

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Combat Gameplay Of Mass Effect Andromeda
Ryder Battling With Creatures [Screenshot Captured From Mass Effect Andromeda Gameplay Trailer]

Bioware is set to launch the next entry in the Mass Effect series tomorrow, but the game has been available since March 16 for those subscribed to either Origin Access or EA Access. Early, players have seen the problems with the game and this is a good thing as Bioware can sort out issues as early as now. There’s even a Mass Effect Andromeda trial update that brings in a few necessary fixes to the game.

Early Access Gets Patched

Mass Effect Andromeda lead designer Ian S. Frazier said over at twitter that the recent Mass Effect Andromeda trial update is only one of the few patches to come. This recent one looks to address a few issues that players might’ve encountered during their trial sessions of the game.

“Glad to hear it. The team’s working very hard to address issues. More patches to come!,” Frazier said in response to a commenter who said “a bunch of things” were fixed in the patch. This is a good sign for players as Bioware still be working on a wealth of bug fixes before the full game launches tomorrow. We’ve yet to know the full list of bug fixes in the Mass Effect Andromeda trial update, but a few players are reporting the possible issues it could’ve sorted out.

While playing the trial, a few players might’ve noticed that there are a few issues with the game’s positional audio in multiplayer. With the update, it seems like this particular issue has been addressed already. A few players have reported that the positional audio in the game has gotten a lot better after the update.

A few players also noticed that the preloaded version of Mass Effect Andromeda has been updated with a patch. It’s very likely that the fixes in the Mass Effect Andromeda trial update has already been pushed through in the full version’s files. Basically, players who head straight to the  full game, will be experiencing less problems from here on out.

Update: Game producer Fernando Melo recently listed all the PC bug fixes and tweaks in the trial update. Fixes include tweaks to the multiplayer audio, multiplayer F-keys issue, and black screen/ Corsair utility.

Ongoing Fixes

After the update, players have been requesting for a few things from Bioware. One of which is with regards to Mass Effect Andromeda’s character creation system, which players have commented as being a downgraded version of Dragon Age Inquisition.

According to Frazier, the developer is working on improving character creation with the patches to come. A slew of bug fixes and additional content are also being considered by the team. For now, players will have to stick with what the game offers in terms of its character creation system. There’s no release frame on this patch but hopefully it comes soon as many players will be beginning their journey in the game tomorrow.

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