Mass Effect Andromeda Guide: Early Game Tips And Tricks

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Mass Effect Andromeda
Source: MASS EFFECT™: ANDROMEDA – Official Launch Trailer video

Mass Effect Andromeda fans have already pooled some information on obtaining good early game equipment and surviving the singleplayer and multiplayer missions. The early game tends to get tedious as the players don’t usually have access to high damaging abilities or skill combos that make their characters extremely reliable. Once the early game is done, players can enjoy the Mass Effect Andromeda story and gameplay without any difficult mission getting in their way.

Early Rare Weapon Chest

According to n7_stormreaver’s thread on the Mass Effect subreddit, a rare weapon chest can be found in the first hub area in Mass Effect Andromeda. The chest is found across the security office in this hub. Once found, players will have to save first before opening the chest. Players can reload their save file if they don’t like the weapon they got from the chest. Apparently, this treasure chest has a high chance to give rare or an ultra rare weapon like the N7 Hurricane, Scorpion, and Krogan Hammer.

Multiplayer Pack Management

Meanwhile, serothel’s thread discussed which multiplayer packs to buy first in the early game. Apparently, Mass Effect Andromeda has a system that removes equipment from the draw pool if a player has already maxed it out. This situation increases probability of getting better loot on other packs as the players will deny the system of picking out fully upgraded equipment.

However, some fans argued that the increased probability of rare drops still won’t happen even if this trick is used. Apparently, drawing maxed out weapons will turn them into consumables if the player finds them again in their packs. Technically, players won’t be able to assure rare drops in the higher rarity packs. However, a maxed out weapons and equipment can make players reliable enough and stay relevant until they get their hands on the better loot.

Multiplayer Extraction Trick

KingCole32’s thread confirms that players should avoid camping the extraction point to survive better. Players can instead position and run around the extraction point while trimming down enemies and return to the point when the timer is running out. Camping the extraction point will make enemies converge on a single point and make it hard for the players to defend the position. During the early game, holding positions may be difficult as their equipment may not be enough to wipe out enemies fast enough.

Mass Effect Andromeda so far

EA’s Mass Effect Andromeda will be released this coming March 21. Players were able to gather first-hand information as EA launched a Mass Effect Andromeda 10-hour early access trial last March 16. The 10 hour-trial featured limited singleplayer and multiplayer content. Fans will have to check if these tricks will still work once EA launches another patch to clear out issues on release. Stay updated with more Mass Effect Andromeda  news here on TheBitBag.

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