Mass Effect Andromeda Strings Attached: Point Of No Return Romance Commitment Guide For Each Character

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One Of The Romance Options In Mass Effect Andromeda
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One of the key features in Mass Effect Andromeda is the game’s relationship system that allows players to get close and intimate with their crew on the Tempest. Players shouldn’t take the system lightly though because players can get locked out from other romance lines.

If you end up banging someone without much though, don’t fret because the point of no return in relationships only happens after doing each character’s loyalty missions. Plenty of Ryder’s crew are open to have casual banging with no strings attached. However, they aren’t keen with Ryder being fully romantically committed with multiple partners. Once Ryder is asked to commit, you can no longer make progress with other NPC’s romance lines.

Below is our Mass Effect Andromeda romance guide that focuses solely on point of no returns in relationships. This is a handy guide if players don’t want to accidentally lock themselves in a full relationship.


First up are the NPCs that are exclusively romanceable by the female version of Ryder. After three flirting attempts and doing the loyalty mission for Liam, he’ll ask Ryder to meet at Podromos. Once in Podromos, players have the choice to lock in their relationship with Liam.


Jaal is yet another NPC only romanceable by the female version of Ryder. After the necessary flirting attempts are done with, Jaal will email Ryder about his interests in going to Hvarl. Head there with Jaal in the party and the chance to get in a relationship will him will open up at some point in the journey.


Suvi is one of the easiest NPCs for the female Ryder to get in a relationship with. Players don’t need to watch their actions carefully as Suvi doesn’t take much to persuade. All players need to do is flirt with Suvi a few times and then talk to her after the Hunting the Archon quest. After the quest, flirt with Suvi on the Tempest to fully commit.


Cora’s an NPC that’s exclusively romanceable to the male Ryder. Players will get the chance to partake in her loyalty mission after flirting with her a couple of times. After that, players should debrief with Cora. Once done, head out the Tempest then go back in again to initiate the relationship.


Gil is another NPC exclusively romanceable by the male Ryder. After three flirting attempts and after completing the Hunting The Archon quest, Gil will start to take the relationship a step futher. He will email Ryder, asking to meet him in Podromos. In here, players can lock in their relationship with Gil.


Peebee is perhaps the most likable character in Mass Effect Andromeda, so it’s good that both Ryder’s have a shot at getting in a relationship with her. After flirting with Peebee a few times, players will receive her loyalty mission. Upon completion, a conversation will later trigger in her room on the Tempest. Here, players can choose to get in a friends-with-benefit relationship with Peebee or a full on relationship. 


Getting in a relationship with Vetra is quite the chore for both Ryders. She’s the longest one to romance in Mass Effect Andromeda. Players will always need to choose the romantic response in conversations to spark things up.

After the Hunting the Archon quest, you’ll receive her loyalty mission. Once done, Vetra will send an email to Ryder for an invitation. Bring Vetra then go to Kadara to fully commit with her.

Above are the only deep relationships in Mass Effect Andromeda. After completing the requirements, players will be able initiate the deep relationship with the NPC. The remaining romance options like Reyes Vidal and Keri are only flings.

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