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Mass Effect Andromeda Squadmates System Is A Huge Downgrade From Mass Effect Trilogy

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The next entry in the Mass Effect series has a few good sides and bad sides to it, and players are slowly but surely discovering each part of the game. Players recently discovered that the squad system in the game isn’t as free and open as in the original trilogy. Is the Mass Effect Andromeda squad system a downgraded version of the first games?

Redditor Madkat124 shared his personal gripe with the game and it has something to do with the Mass Effect Andromeda squad system. Players can’t apparently tinker with what their squadmates can do in battle and this could lead into all sorts of trouble for the Ryder siblings and the player.

“During the initial planet, Liam and I were facing off against a bunch of Kett. At any given point, him using his explosive ability (don’t know the name of it) would have benefited us greatly. Instead he waits until the last enemy has a sliver of health to use it. One time I used Biotic pull to pull in an enemy and shotgun them. For some reason Cora dropped what she was doing to instantly Push them out out of my shot, behind cover,” shared the player.

Scrapped Feature

Apparently, what frustrates fans more isn’t the lack of options for controlling their squadmates. Being able to control your squadmates was available in previous entries, but Bioware decided to scrap the feature in the latest game.

“I played through all 3 trilogy games on insanity and ME2 and 3 were actually pretty fun due to pulling off cross squad combos and now that’s completely gone?” Reddit user HalfDuckHalfMan said. “Apparently they said their AI is better but you still can’t possibly get the same control compared to micromanaging power usage. This is extremely disappointing to me and reminds me of when they gutted the tactics menu in DA: Inquisition.”

This could be a really problematic issue as players will be in trouble especially if the battles get tougher. If players aren’t allowed to tinker with the abilities and actions of their squadmates, then players are left to do most of the work themselves, and this makes the Mass Effect Andromeda squad system somewhat obsolete. The issue poses an even bigger problem during the super-boss fights in the game as players will need to really grind their squad because they can’t do anything else strategy-wise.

No Customization

Aside from this, it was revealed a while back that the Mass Effect Andromeda squad system won’t allow players to tinker with the weapons and armor of Ryder’s squadmates. Again, this is another step down from what players were given in the original trilogy, and this could disappoint some hardcore fans of the series.

The problems with the squad system could be fixed with major updates from Bioware in the future. The developer should be careful and listen to what fans are commenting as they really need to up their game when it comes to aspects that the original trilogy and the new entry share.

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