Mass Effect Andromeda: Best Shotguns Players Should Craft

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Mass Effect Andromeda
Source: MASS EFFECT™: ANDROMEDA – Official Launch Trailer video

We’ve recently tackled the best assault rifles in Mass Effect Andromeda, so those that love to run-and-gun finally have a few weapons to look out for. Those looking to battle up close and personal with enemies should definitely have a shotgun in their loadout. Here are the best shotguns to craft in the game.

The Disciple

The Disciple has one of the highest damage and accuracy among the shotguns. It has a balance between its stats so players can enjoy high amounts of damage, superb accuracy, and a steady rate of fire. It’s projectiles attack in a radius in front of Ryder, thus making it a great weapon for crowd control as well, so it’s worth getting.

N7 Crusader

The N7 Crusader is one of the best shotguns in Mass Effect Andromeda. It has superb damage and accuracy, which is slightly higher than the Disciple. However, it carries the same weight, clip size, and rate of fire of the Disciple. The downside of the N7 Crusader is that it’s a shotgun that doesn’t do spread damage. With its narrow focus, the N7 Crusader targets the unit in front of Ryder’s sights and not in a radius in front of him.


There will be times wherein the player will be put in tough places or corners that are way too hard to get out of. During times like these, players will need to rely on weapons that deal heavy damage up close. Luckily, the Dhan shotgun does just that and it could save Ryder during tough spots.

The Dhan has one of the highest damage in Mass Effect Andromeda’s shotgun selection, so it’s really worth getting near an enemy to capitalize on its damage. The weapon’s biggest drawback is it’s mediocre 2 clip size. Players will need to be accurate with the Dhan because of its small clip size. Moreover, like the N7 Crusader, the Dhan attacks a single unit and not a group of enemies. This is a good secondary weapon that would save players a few minutes of battling thanks to its high damage.


The Ruzad roughly carries the same stats as the Dhan. Unlike the Dhan, the Ruzad has a 3 clip size, so there’s another bullet players can fire before reloading. However, the Ruzad is not without its drawbacks. This shotgun is really heavy, so players will need to adjust their weapon loadout accordingly before getting the Ruzad.

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