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Mass Effect Andromeda Sex Scenes Less Raunchy Than The Witcher 3’s

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When it was revealed that there are Mass Effect Andromeda sex scenes, fans weren’t too surprised since previous games had them. They did wonder how much fornication would be shown in the game, and it seems like it won’t be much, at least when compared to games like The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, which has some really raunchy sex scenes.

Though the game did get full nudity, it seems like the massive RPG won’t be showcasing that aspect too much. Seems like the Bioware space game will have a lower rating than The Witcher 3, currently rated at R-18. In terms of comparison, the new Mass Effect game was given an MA 15 +.

Mass Effect Andromeda only has a “moderate impact” rating with regards to nudity, which is tamer compared to The Witcher 3’s “strong impact rating”. When it comes to sex, Andromeda has a strong impact rating while The Witcher 3 gets a “high impact”.

Mass Effect Sex Appeal

Fans are probably cool with having tamer Mass Effect Andromeda sex, since the feature was loved in previous games. The game has a variety of characters to have fun with, whether it’s attractive humans or various beautiful aliens. Given how open-minded Bioware are, we will likely see many same-sex couples in the game, which fans will love.

The Witcher 3 and Mass Effect Andromeda’s rating courtesy of the Australian rating board.

Part of the blame can go to the Australian rating committee, who have always been harsh with ratings. The country is notorious for banning games that aren’t good for kids, even if they’re M rated. It’s a likely reason why Andromeda’s sex scenes were toned down considerably.

Still, those expecting to see fully nude characters like The Witcher 3 will likely be disappointed in the game. Granted, most people don’t play games to see nude people, but it will disappoint those with an alien fetish. Then again, most fans are just hoping that the story will live up to the previous games.

Not Bringing Sexy Back

While the Mass Effect Andromeda sex won’t be too interesting, one can only hope that the game lives up to the hype. Mass Effect games have always gotten acclaim from fans, even if the third game ended on a dubious note. It’s also the first Mass Effect game to hit current-gen consoles, since EA has no interest in remastering the first three games.

Sure, the lack of gratuitous nudity is a bit sad for thirstier individuals, but Mass Effect has focused more on story and gameplay. That’s not to discredit anyone wanting to explore sexuality in games, but there are more important things to focus on for Andromeda. Judging from previews and the fact that it will come out later this month, it seems like Bioware is going to have another hit.

Mass Effect Andromeda comes out on March 21 for PS4, Xbox One, and Windows PC. Players not up to speed with a Bioware game can try out Dragon Age: Inquisition, which is available now and also has a game of the year edition.

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