Mass Effect Andromeda: Ryder Siblings Might Not Return In Sequel

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Mass Effect Andromeda

Mass Effect Andromeda doesn?t come out until next year, but fans already want to know what Bioware has planned next. Barring some sort of catastrophic failure, it?s highly likely that we?ll see several sequels set within the Andromeda galaxy. Will these future installments continue to center on new protagonist, Ryder the Pathfinder and his family? Not necessarily, says Bioware.

Ryder Family’s Future Post Mass Effect Andromeda Is Uncertain

On Twitter, studio Creative Director?Mac Waters said that the franchise?s future isn?t necessarily tied to the Ryders?the way Shepherd was to the original trilogy.

?If the community embraces Ryder, would you consider using him/her as the player character for more than one game?? asked a fan named Adam Barling.?In response, Waters said, ?No one is saying we wouldn’t use Ryder (or that we will). It’s just not planned to be 3 games with 3 acts. That’s a very specific thing.?

In an earlier tweet, Waters likened Mass Effect Andromeda to a saga as opposed to a traditional trilogy.

Based on previous announcements, we know that there will be more than one Ryder at the heart of Andromeda?s narrative. At the start of the game, you?ll have the option to play as one of the two Ryder siblings: Scott and Sara. Their father Alec, the original Pathfinder, also plays an important role. How his children come to take his place will no doubt be a key point driving the story forward.

Though you can only play as one Ryder sibling, the other will still play an important part in the story. Will the Ryder family be a one and done thing? We?ll have to wait until Mass Effect Andromeda releases next year to find out.

What are your thoughts on Mac Waters? statement? Let us know your theories on Mass Effect Andromeda in the comments below.

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