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Mass Effect Andromeda Romance: Male And Female Ryder Flirt Option Differences Reveal Who’s Straight, Who’s Bisexual, And Who’s Gay

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Two characters get ready to go on an adventure. [Image from the official Mass Effect website]

Mass Effect Andromeda is currently the hottest game being talked about that’s not called Breath of the Wild. The latest installment in the highly successful space opera has fans taking control of one of the Ryder twins. Whether the player chooses to be male or female, one thing is clear; he or she can hit on a number of characters.

Thanks to a video from Video Game Sophistry, it was revealed that the player can hit on certain characters. Unlike previous Mass Effect games, everyone treats the chosen twin as a different person. This is unlike Shepherd from the first game, a blank slate whose personality must be decided by the player.

Anything Goes

Fans of the previous games will be happy to see a diverse amount of romantic options for Mass Effect Andromeda. Liam, Cara, and Gil are the two straight characters revealed thus far, but there are also others who are more experimental. Bisexual characters include Peebee and Vetra. Meanwhile, Gil clearly states that he’s gay when the opposite gender flirts with him. With the game only a few days away, this should excite fans who want a number of options.

Either way, having this amount of romantic options available is great, especially early on in the video game. This is only the first few parts of the game as well, so there will likely be more flirt options when the game comes out later this month. Players can expect a number of attractive characters to catch their attention, some of whom are either straight, gay or bi.

A Mass-ive Effect

Considering the amount of controversy this might cause, expect more conservative channels to be unpleased with Mass Effect Andromeda. That won’t bother fans of the series though, since they have always given players plenty of freedom and thrilling gameplay. It might be controversial for some, but it does show progress, and it’s up to the player to decide who they want to end up with anyway.

The bisexual/pansexual nature of the lead characters should lead to some interesting sex scenes in the game. While it won’t be mistaken for a porn film anytime soon, fans will get to see a fair amount of moans, hip gyration, and a bit of nudity. It seems like the developers want to please as many fans as they can, regardless of their sexual orientation.

Mass Effect Andromeda will be coming to the PC, PS4, and Xbox One on March 21. Fans looking forward to the game should also consider getting Dragon Age: Inquisition if they haven’t already.

Update: A previous version of this story stated that Cora is a lesbian. The story has been edited according to reflect this change. A recent datamine has also leaked more romanceable characters as well as their sexual preferences, adding more characters than what we’ve mentioned in this article.

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