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One Of The Romance Options In Mass Effect Andromeda
Artwork Of PeeBee In Mass Effect Andromeda [Image Courtesy Of Mass Effect Andromeda Website]

Mass Effect Andromeda launched recently and everyone can finally get to see what BioWare readied for us in the next installment of the Mass Effect series. There are many staple features retained in the new entry that we could get our hands on and one of which is romancing. Here’s a guide on romancing; tips to do it and who the Ryder siblings can romance.

General Tips

Just like in the previous games, there are a few surefire ways to get close and personal with the crew provided in the game. Players need to go through quite a lengthy process before they can reach the end levels of a relationship with an NPC. One new feature that Mass Effect Andromeda has is that romance dialogue options are marked with a huge heart on the dialogue wheel. Players of the original trilogy didn’t have access to such a feature.

The Ryder siblings can flirt with almost any NPC that allows romancing. Having multiple budding relationships won’t affect one another unless the player is already in deep with an NPC. It’s best to flirt or get close with all the valid NPCs first so it’ll be easier to pick a little later in the game.

The start of Ryder’s relationship with the NPCs begin during their first interaction. Some NPCs can be flirted with as early as this stage so players should be on the look out for the romance dialogue option.

Another thing players can do to start relationships in Mass Effect Andromeda is to talk to the NPCs after main story missions. These again offer up changes for flirting and romance options. And when one of the Ryder siblings get close enough, they’ll get a chance to do a loyalty mission with the NPC.

After their respective loyalty missions, players will finally have the chance to start a relationship with the NPC. However, not all relationships in the game follow this general flow. It works with the crew of the Tempest but things are different with NPCs who reside outside the Tempest.

The Candidates

Both the male and female Ryder have their own sets of NPCs they can start a relationship with. Like in the previous games, there are also a few NPCs that allow same-sex relationships.

For the male Ryder, players can romance Cora, Gil and Avela. For the female Ryder, players can romance Liam, Jaal and Suvi. On the other hand, both male and female Ryder can romance Vetra, PeeBee, Keri, and Reyes Vidal.

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