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Mass Effect Andromeda Romance Options Datamined, All Sexual Preferences And Romanceable Characters Leaked

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Mass Effect Andromeda Romance
Source: MASS EFFECT™: ANDROMEDA – Official Launch Trailer video

Recently, Mass Effect Andromeda dataminers found some information about the protagonist’s potential romantic partners. Similar to previous Bioware titles, some characters will have their specific sexual preferences should the player want to pursue them. Players will need this list to plan their characters ahead.

Datamined Romance Options

According to uyeasound’s thread on the Mass Effect subreddit, dataminers found some files which hinted romantic dialogue with the main character. The leaked dialogue may have given hints on their sexual preferences. Here’s a list of the datamined pursuable characters and their preferences.

  • Bisexual: Vetra Nyx, Jaal, Peebee
  • Scott Ryder: Cora, Gil, Doctor Carlile, “see nex_doc”
  • Sara Ryder: Liam, Suvi
  • Unknown: Reyes, Aya_Relic, Keri T’Vessa

Mass Effect Andromeda romantic routes will work similarly to real-life relationships, as confirmed by its developers. The players’ romantic partner will assert their interests in the relationships, which can be the cause of drama in the playthrough. Some characters will also consider monogamy and polygamy when pursuing romance with the player character.

Other Information

The Mass Effect Andromeda romance leaks also features some information about the romantic partners that haven’t been revealed yet. Apparently, a relationship with “Reyes”works out similarly to that of previous Mass Effect character Kelly Chambers, which is extremely brief and could count as a fling. Meanwhile, the “Aya_Relix” character could be a pursuable Angara character, which is a new alien race in the Mass Effect series. Additionally, the “Nex_Doc” character is speculated to be Harry Carlile, the doctor that helps thaw out your character in the beginning.

Bioware Romance

Similar to older Bioware games like previous Mass Effect entries and Dragon Age Inquisition, in this title, players have a lot of options when it comes to characters they can pursue. The previous Mass Effect entries have already revealed which alien characters are pursuable. Meanwhile, Dragon Age Inquisition featured exclusive gay and lesbian romantic routes. Potentially, Mass Effect Andromeda has the best Bioware romance system from Bioware, based on the datamined list.

Potentially More Routes

Previously, some Mass Effect Andromeda developer employees confirmed that there will be more to romance in the game besides your squadmates, crew mates, and other NPCs. Additionally, the 10-hour early access trial only has a limited amount of romantic routes than the full game. We’ll have to wait for Mass Effect Andromeda’s release on March 21 to fully see all the pursuable characters in the Andromeda galaxy.

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