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Mass Effect Andromeda: Reasons Why The Game Didn’t Get Stellar Scores

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The review embargo for the next entry in the Mass Effect series was lifted yesterday and the game itself was made available today. To the surprise of some, the game didn’t get stellar scores, but at least it didn’t get mediocre scores. The reviewers have their little qualms about why Mass Effect Andromeda doesn’t deserve a 10/10 or a 9/10 or even an 8/10.

The Story And Characters

With a current 75 overall rating on Open Critic, many of the reviewers have commented that the story in Mass Effect Andromeda fails to reach the epicness of the original trilogy. The poor writing is one of the biggest reasons why the game fails to reach all expectations. Sadly, the story isn’t something that Bioware can easily sort out with future patches.

Another gripe with the game are the characters. As compared to the characters in the original trilogy, the squad of the Tempest isn’t that impressive or memorable as Shepard’s crew. None of the characters really stand out and the best the Tempest crew has to offer is PeeBee. Aside from her, it’s not really worth interacting with the other squad members.

A lot of players have expected a deep story like the one they experienced in the original story. The bar was set high and the most recent entry fails at this crucial aspect that players had high expectations from.

Huge But Barren Worlds

We should give Bioware a nod for introducing several worlds that are both huge and diverse. However, most of the areas are barren and IGN even notes that the areas are often riddled with redundant enemy encounters. Basically, the worlds are large and there’s not much to do in it.

Downgraded Features

Another problem with Mass Effect Andromeda is that it feels like Bioware sacrificed important features in exchange of huge worlds. For example, the game’s squad system isn’t as intricate as the original trilogy’s and there’s very little to do with Ryder’s squad. It’s very disappointing as players expected a lot of upgraded features instead of downgraded ones.

Overall, the critics think that Mass Effect Andromeda could’ve been a good game, but it seems like Bioware put too much on their table. It’ll still be up to the players on whether the game is worth getting as it still has it’s own good sides. It’s best to try out the early access for a taste of what’s up ahead.

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