Mass Effect Andromeda Release Troubled? Loot-Based Gameplay Change Like ?Destiny? And ?The Division? Needed For Success?

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Mass Effect Andromeda Release

In the past months, Mass Effect Andromeda?s development director Chris Wynn, writer Christopher Schlerf and Senior Editor Cameron Harris has left Bioware. With key people out of the development crew, will the game?s release date be pushed back due to these departures?

As confirmed by GamingBolt, the Development Director, Writer, and Senior Editor working on the project has already left the company. However, that doesn?t mean the full production of the game came to a complete halt without them. Possibly affected by the departures, the Mass Effect Andromeda release date got an extended release window from its supposed release this December 2016 to the first quarter of 2017.

The stories in Mass Effect experienced a decline as the franchise went on, similar to EA?s Dead Space. Fans noticed that the quality of the endings in succeeding Mass Effect entries have have declined in quality, while Dead Space left its effective horror themes in place for more Action in their games. Both series have yet to return to their all-time high as their fresher first entries. Mass Effect Andromeda might be preparing for that comeback, but Dead Space might take a while due to a lack of updates on the series. Let?s hope EA greatly improves Mass Effect Andromeda?s story to make up for the initial endings scenes found on Mass Effect 3

Despite the seemingly troubled development in Bioware, the people on Reddit are taking these departures rather well. In the Xbox One and Mass Effect Andromeda Reddit threads, fans are mentioning the possibility of EA?s sci-fi game pulling off a similar feat like Activision?s Destiny. Destiny has been known for racking profit for Activision outside Call of Duty. However, the difference of the gameplay between Mass Effect?s non-linear RPG is entirely different to Destiny?s Treasure Hunting First Person Shooter game. Mass Effect Andromeda might not enjoy the same fame as Destiny unless Bioware joins the fray of loot shooter games like Destiny and Ubisoft?s The Division.

The production of the game hasn?t been heavily affected as the release window has only been extended to three more months. We might see it as an early surprise next year.

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