Mass Effect Andromeda Release Date And Other Features: Commander Shepard Removed From The Game?

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With some progress on the development of the upcoming Mass Effect game, we might not be able to see Commander Shepard in the next game.

Mass Effect Andromeda might take a while before any new info becomes available or even has a gameplay footage, though the developer is still tight lipped on any hints about the game-in-development. Chris Wynn had a conversation with the media on Twitter and so far he provided some safe answers to some certain questions about the game, whether there will be changes midway or at the end of the development, we can?t be sure.

One of the first question asked to Wynn was if Commander Shepard will be making a return to Mass Effect Andromeda, though not much of an answer, but Wynn mentioned that it would be impossible to answer if Commander Shepard will make a return, though it was already announced that Shepard will not be playable in the game and a new protagonist will be taking his position as the main character. Wynn can?t also talk about the plot of Andromeda, and he can?t be sure when the developers can actually share some info about the game?s plot.

When asked for any potential remastered Mass Effect Trilogy for the latest gen consoles, Wynn mentioned that he could not talk about it, this could be a possibility that there might be a remastered release for the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One and we can expect it anytime soon.

Mass Effect Andromeda was hinted to be the biggest game in the series, the same treatment was made for Bioware?s other epic RPG; Dragon Age for its Dragon Age Inquisition which was released last year. Andromeda might also see the return of the co-op multiplayer that was introduced in Mass Effect 3. Mass Effect Andromeda is slated for a release in holiday 2016 for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC.

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