Mass Effect Andromeda: Best Pistols Players Should Craft

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Mass Effect Andromeda
Source: MASS EFFECT™: ANDROMEDA – Official Cinematic Reveal Trailer – N7 Day 2016 video

Pistols in Mass Effect Andromeda work more than just a sidearm for the player’s convenience. Pistols have versatility that can either be your go-to rapid fire weapon or finisher to save ammo for your larger guns. Here’s a guide on which pistols to craft first.

Mass Effect Andromeda Pistols

It’s an easy instinct to go for the larger guns to deal maximum damage to enemies in a firefight. However, opting for a sidearm allows you to cover your loadout’s weaknesses and potential ammo issue. This is also the case for Mass Effect Andromeda’s guns. Pistols are optimal and reliable especially in long missions due to their larger reserve ammo and balanced stats.

According to Fextralife’s site, Mass Effect Andromeda has 14 pistols, each having different specs. Pistols heavily vary from damage, rate of fire, clip size, accuracy, weight, augment slots, and tech type. Players are encouraged to choose one according to their needs in battle.

Good Pistols

So far, the N7 Hurricane, Ushior, Talon, and Sidewinder are great pistols to bring. The N7 Hurricane boasts a high rate of fire which is sure to overwhelm targets from close to mid range. Meanwhile, the Ushior has the largest damage output which are perfect for efficiently taking out wounded targets. Meanwhile, the Talon works like the Ushior, but boasts better clip size. Lastly, the Sidewinder deals reliable damage considering for a weapon with low weight requirement.

Players should aim to craft or find these pistols as early as possible to maximize their experience. Players can choose to adapt the pistol they’ll use for their preferred larger gun. Conversely, adapting their primary weapon according to their best pistol also works great.

Crafting or Treasure Hunting

At the beginning, players can already see the crafting tech tree which allows them to plan blueprint research ahead of time. However, players will need enough Research Points and materials to unlock and develop these weapons. Players can choose to invest on thawing Science Pod NPCs to boost research speed.

Alternatively, players can opt to unlock NPCs with the Reconaissance perk to mark loot chests on the map. This will allow the players to keep opening chests in hopes of finding one of these great pistols for their taking.

Mass Effect Andromeda’s Weaponry

Players can bring a maximum of four weapons to battle, but only have two slots are unlocked at the beginning. This forces the players to strategize their weapon loadouts accordingly to effectively survive. Weapon loadouts with glaring weaknesses will definitely hamper a player’s progress especially if their squadmates aren’t doing well on a mission. It’ll be best to take a pistol to be able to adapt to any situation, even if your damage output isn’t the best. Stay updated with more Mass Effect Andromeda news here on TheBitBag.

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