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Mass Effect Andromeda: PC Pre-Load Date Confirmed, EA Access Early Use Revealed

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The hype for Mass Effect: Andromeda has gone up ever since it’s release date was announced. Most gamers thought it was going to come out later in the year, but it’s coming out in March 21. EA has followed this up, by confirming early EA Access for Xbox One owners and an official pre-loading date.

Over on Reddit, EA Origins users revealed they were given dates for pre-loading the game on PC. This will allow digital users to download the game, so they can play the game on its release date. Having this, plus the confirmation of early access, should make many a Microsoft fan happy.

A Massive Effect

According to these screencaps from the EA Origins users, players can pre-load Mass Effect: Andromeda on March 17. That’s four days before the game’s official release on PC, along with PS4 and Xbox One. Depending on the player’s Internet access, that should be enough time to load the game successfully on his or her PC.

EA has also informed fans via Twitter that there will be early access of the game for Xbox One owners who are part of EA Acess. Oddly enough, no date was given for the early access, so players will have to wait for this. It seems like EA is still working out some of the game’s bugs, as the beta has no date either.

Can’t Come Soon Enough

With all of this information made official, it’s clear that Mass Effect: Andromeda can’t come out soon enough. The previous Mass Effect trilogy was considered a masterpiece to many a fan, so this has plenty of expectations. From what was seen in the gameplay video, it looks like it will be a worthwhile successor.

Seems like Microsoft supporters are the winners for the game, at least when it comes to early access. This isn’t particularly new, since EA struck a deal with the company to give players some early access. Considering that this is a new Mass Effect game, it’s easy to see why some PS4 owners might feel jealous.

Mass Effect: Andromeda will be available on March 21 for PS4, Xbox One and PC. Early access still has no date, while pre-loading begins on March 17.

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