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Mass Effect Andromeda Still Can’t Undress Some Aliens

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mass effect andromeda
Promotional image for the game. [Image from official Mass Effect website]

Mass Effect Andromeda is not the hit EA and Bioware were expecting, given the success of the previous trilogy. While not an awful game, it’s disappointing given the reputation Bioware has made for itself in recent years. Making things worse is that Bioware still won’t show naked Turians, something fans wanted to see since Mass Effect 2.

Romance scenes in the latest Mass Effect game have surfaced recently, and one of these include a scene with the male Ryder twin making out with a Turian named Vetra. The screen fades to black after the two start kissing, robbing fans of the moaning and grinding they were expecting. There are more important things to do in the game than sex, but it wouldn’t have killed Bioware to show some skin.

No Naked Turians

Maybe it’s their biology, but Bioware don’t seem to want any sexy, naked Turians on Mass Effect Andromeda. Since they might not have proper body parts, the love making scenes could be a bit weird. That being said, fans have been wanting to see this for some time, so it’s a shame we don’t have it.

Players are a bit upset with this, since the love scene with characters like Cora and PeeBee were given more detail. Given the amount of love interests in the game – each with a different sexual preference – it’s sad that the company picked favorites. With post-launch updates teased, there is a small chance that we can see new or improved sex scenes in the future.

More Naked Aliens

While the lack of nude Turians are disappointing, fans can please themselves with other aliens in Mass Effect Andromeda. There are plenty of options after all and the characters are still unique, according to fans. Even Vetra, one of the many Turians that won’t remove their clothes, is an interesting character, so that’s always good.

Given the average reaction to the game, it will be interesting to see how EA and Bioware react to fan demand. The game still suffers from some odd animations and glitches, but people still bought the RPG. Naked Turians might not be in the next update, but fans can always hope to see it as DLC or in the next game.

Mass Effect Andromeda is available now on Windows PC, PS4 and Xbox One. A 2GB patch will be rolling out for those that purchased the retail version of the epic space RPG. Fans that like Bioware should probably check out Dragon Age: Inquisition, since it did better in reviews.

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