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Mass Effect Andromeda: No Season Pass, But Lots of Microtransactions

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Mass Effect Andromeda

Mass Effect Andromeda will not have a season pass when it launches on March 21. The news comes straight from Bioware general manager Aaryn Flynn. A fan asked Flynn on Twitter if Andromeda would ship with a season pass – a common add-on for most big budget role playing games these days. His response was a simple: “Nope.”

No Season Pass For Mass Effect Andromeda

When asked whether or not additional Story DLC was in the works, Flynn said that those details would be shared at a later date.

DLC has always been a big part of the Mass Effect series. Some of the franchise’s most memorable moments have come from add-ons like Mass Effect 2’s Lair of the Shadow Broker and Mass Effect 3’s Citadel. Hopefully Bioware can continue its strong track record of memorable stand-alone experiences – without the additional price tag – in Mass Effect Andromeda.

This doesn’t mean that Bioware and Electronic Arts won’t be including additional sources of revenue in Mass Effect Andromeda. It’s been widely reported that the game’s multiplayer component will feature the industry’s current system of choice for micro transactions: digital card packs. In the past year, several of gaming’s top franchises – from Uncharted to Gears of War – have introduced collectible card mechanics into their multiplayer offerings. Mass Effect looks like the next major franchise to jump on the trend.

We did a breakdown of what we know about Mass Effect Andromeda’s multiplayer so far. You can check it out here. A beta test is being planned some time before the game’s March 21 release date. You can sign up for it over on Bioware’s website.

What do you think about Mass Effect Andromeda not having a season pass? Let us know your thoughts and suggestions in the comments below. For the latest news on the next chapter of the Mass Effect saga, keep it right here on The BitBag.

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