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Mass Effect Andromeda: No Lazy Fetch Quests As Bioware Learned From Dragon Age Inquisition?

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Mass Effect Andromeda

It looks like Bioware is really taking what it learned from Dragon Age: Inquisition and applying it to their next game — Mass Effect Andromeda. The former, while well-received both critically and commercially, drew some flack for it?s monotonous MMO-like quest design.?In the latest issue of PC Gamer, Bioware general manager Aaryn Flynn said that they were well aware of this and are looking to improve on it.

No More Fetch Quests In Mass Effect Andromeda

We learned that there were some quests in Dragon Age that didn?t resonate and were kind of flat ? fetch quests and stuff,? said Flynn in the interview. He said that the development team will be taking a different approach with Andromeda and is looking to build on the new knowledge they gleaned from Inquisition.

Right now, there?s not much to share about the game other than what?s already known. Set in all-new universe, the game will introduce gamers to a new cast of space-faring explorers lead by a new protagonist named Ryder. It takes place years after the events of the original trilogy as Ryder and his/her crew are tasked with looking for new habitable worlds for organic life to settle-in.

Unlike previous titles, Mass Effect Andromeda will be an open-world title in the vein of Dragon Age Inquisition. Previous leaked gameplay footage has shown of new modes of navigation like jetpacks. A full reveal of the game is expected on November 7, the day which serves as the franchise?s official ?N7 Day? celebration.

Hopefully we get to see exactly what Flynn was talking about. Many felt Bioware’s first gameplay reveal at Sony’s PlayStation Meeting was underwhelming as the developers merely showcased how the title would look like on PS4 Pro. For the latest Mass Effect Andromeda news, keep it right here on the BitBag.

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