Mass Effect Andromeda’s Next Update To Add New Content

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mass effect andromeda update
A big Mass Effect Andromeda update is coming soon. [Image from EA Origin]

Despite getting mixed reviews from critics, there are still fans that look forward to a new Mass Effect Andromeda update. The game might have a number of issues, but it’s clear that it has the potential for a great RPG. While the details are slim, the next update is just around the corner and will have “some great stuff” apparently.

Mass Effect producer Michael Gamble went on Twitter to promote the game’s next patch, which is on schedule for release. He went on to say that it will have great stuff it in and that the update is his favorite. It’s odd to see a producer name his or her favorite game patch, but good things should come from that.

What Isn’t In The Patch

Though there aren’t any massive details surrounding the Mass Effect Andromeda update, there won’t be a patch that allows players to skip travel scenes. When a fan asked for the feature, the producer said it was impossible and the game has to load somewhere. It’s a bit sad, but it does make sense since all games need loading screens to set up what’s next.

Fans would love to see better romance options for female Ryder, along with better sex scenes, but that’s wishful thinking. Bioware is listening to fan feedback for better updates and they’ve even polished the visuals, but this is pushing it. Still, never say never and the company could add these options in the future, just not in the next update.

A Big Gamble?

No release date for the Mass Effect Andromeda update has been revealed, but adding new content could please hardcore fans. Sure, there are plenty of things to do in the game right now, like various side quests and romance options. Adding more content will only please fans and might even make them appreciate the title a little bit more.

It’s fair to say that Andromeda was a disappointment, even though it was far from a bad game. The launch was a bit poor, but the developers in Bioware have done a good job of fixing these issues. While the series is now on ice, fans can only hope that it makes a Captain America-style comeback to greatness.

Mass Effect Andromeda is available now on the PS4, Xbox One and Windows PC, so interested fans should try it. Bioware fans that haven’t checked out Dragon Age: Inquisition should do so, since it got critical reviews and is a better game.

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