Mass Effect Andromeda Multiplayer: Bioware Borrows Elements From First Game And Mass Effect 3

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Mass Effect Andromeda DLC

Mass Effect 3 Multiplayer?was a pleasant surprise for many fans when it launched in 2012. Now Bioware is looking to build on that solid foundation with its successor by tying it closer to the overall narrative.

Mass Effect Andromeda Multiplayer Details

The studio is planning a big reveal for Andromeda at The Game Awards next month, but some previous leaks already painted a picture of how the single player and multiplayer will complement each other. If you don?t want to be spoiled, we suggest you skip the next two paragraphs.

The Mass Effect subreddit has a comprehensive breakdown of the Mass Effect Andromeda multiplayer. According to the leaks, the mode will once again be a horde-style affair similar to Mass Effect 3, but with some added storytelling elements that make it feel a part of the single player story. Multiplayer missions essentially task you with defending the many colonies and settlements that you will establish as you chart a course through the Andromeda galaxy.

Since the game?s new protagonist, Commander Ryder, can?t be everywhere at once, he?ll have to recruit mercenaries to help keep humanity?s new homelands safe from invaders. Similar to Assassin?s Creed, your squad of mercenaries can be sent on automated missions that are completed after a fixed amount of time. However, if you choose to, you can take their place and play through the mission with your friends using your multiplayer characters.

The studio recently gave several journalists a taste of what they?re working on. Game Informer created a short video detailing how the developers took some of the horde-style elements and implemented them in the single player.?

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