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Mass Effect Andromeda Multiplayer Update Adds A New Character

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Mass Effect Andromeda Multiplayer
Source: MASS EFFECT™: ANDROMEDA – Official Launch Trailer video

Recently, the Mass Effect Andromeda Twitter posted a teaser of the next multiplayer character. The next Mass Effect Andromeda multiplayer update character may be the Krogan Warlord Sentinel character who was playable in the previous Mass Effect 3 multiplayer. The Krogan Warlord Sentinel was known for its self-regenerating health and their exclusive Biotic Hammer melee weapon.

New Character Incoming

The official Mass Effect Andromeda Twitter announced that they’ll hold a livestream on March 23 10 AM PT about a new multiplayer character. The tweet features a Krogan slamming an electric hammer on the floor. The previous Mass Effect 3 multiplayer had the Krogan Warlord Sentinel who also used a hammer to fight. The Mass Effect Andromeda multiplayer may receive this or a similar class for multiplayer.

Mass Effect 3’s Krogan Warlord Sentinel

The previous game’s multiplayer mode had the Krogan Warrior Sentinel character who can be a reliable tank for his allies. The Krogan Warlord Sentinel character boasts stronger defenses, self-health regeneration and a strong area of effect melee hammer attack. However, this character’s downsides are he cannot use cover like other characters and slower mobility than other Krogans.

Fourth Krogan Character

Currently, the Mass Effect Andromeda multiplayer Krogan characters are the Vanguard, Engineer, and Mercenary. Each character has its own health, shield and skill sets. Another Krogan character added to the playable roster will allow fans to have a tank that’ll help them flush out targets behind cover.

In Mass Effect 3 multiplayer mode, characters, regardless of race, only have regenerating shields and no self health regeneration. The only exception was Krogan Warrior Sentinel as he has both regenerating shields and health, which made him a valuable asset to any team. This trait could also make its way in Andromeda. 

Mass Effect Andromeda Multiplayer so far

Previously, EA has confirmed that Mass Effect Andromeda singleplayer and multiplayer progression will complement each other with rewards. Playing the singleplayer campaign will net them bonuses in the multiplayer mode and vice versa. Opening multiplayer packs are required in the multiplayer mode if the player wants to get more weapons and playable characters. Each character and weapon has a different rarity and players need to get lucky to get rarer and better characters. Potentially, this next Krogan character will have to be unlocked through opening multiplayer packs. 

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