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Mass Effect Andromeda: Should You Choose Male Or Female Ryder?

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Mass Effect Andromeda
Source: MASS EFFECT™: ANDROMEDA – Official Launch Trailer video

During the start of Mass Effect Andromeda, players will be given a choice to pick between the male or female Ryder sibling as their main character. Players can be given access or locked out of some interactions and relationship routes depending on their gender. Should you choose the male or female Ryder in Mass Effect Andromeda?

Starting Pick

As part of its character creation, players will be asked to choose their character’s gender. The male and female protagonists are named Scott Ryder and Sara Ryder respectively. Choosing a gender will be key in some interactions later in the game especially when pursuing character relationships.

Characters With Personality

More than just a player’s avatar in the game, each Ryder sibling has their own personality that’s distinct from each other. Scott Ryder is more hot-blooded, sarcastic, and imposing while Sara Ryder seems to be less intense and more collected than her brother. Players can rely on these quirks especially once they pick the humorous dialogue options.

Coma For the Other

The Ryder sibling you won’t pick for the playthrough will have problems on their awakening process and will be in a coma. Due to advanced technology, players will be able to interact with their other sibling. However, fans shouldn’t worry for the other sibling if they aren’t able to talk to them that much. Mass Effect Andromeda’s new game plus mode allows them to have another run on the character creation skin which also allows players to play the game as the other twin.

Choosing Your Gender For Relationships

Some Mass Effect Andromeda relationship routes requires your character to be a boy or a girl due to each NPC’s sexual preferences. Liam and Cora are confirmed to be straight. Meanwhile, Peebee and Vetra are confirmed to be bisexual. Some characters like Gil and Suvi are confirmed to be gay which requires the player to be the same gender as them. Players can opt to pick their gender just to accommodate a specific relationship.

Mass Effect Andromeda so far

EA’s Mass Effect Andromeda is slated to be released this March 21. Fans will be able to fully explore Mass Effect Andromeda’s galaxy and planets. More than action and exploration, players can also interact with the Andromeda natives and the residents of the Nexus. These characters may mind the player character’s gender or not when interacting with them. Stay updated with more Mass Effect Andromeda news here on TheBitBag.

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