Mass Effect Andromeda Making An Impression Quest: Should You Drill For Water Or Gas?

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An intense fight in Mass Effect Andromeda. [Image from official Mass Effect website]

It might not be a perfect game, but Mass Effect Andromeda does deliver some emotional punches throughout. Despite a few flaws here and there, the game does have a couple of strong parts in the story. One of them takes place in a side quest called Making an Impression, which involves meeting the advent and possibly starting a war.

The side mission actually starts simple enough, as it involves the player’s party trying to find the cause of the tremors. In the side mission, we meet members of the Advent, who are also called as exiles by the Nexus. Depending on how the player interacts with this group, they could have a peaceful talk or a potentially aggressive encounter.

Deal With A Stranger

Like previous games in the series, Mass Effect Andromeda lets players listen to characters and make a difficult decision afterwards. In Making an Impression, the player is required to place seismic hammers to allow better water irrigation in Eos as well as for altering the tremors. However, Advent needs the water for their survival and offers to let you take gas instead, since they found a deposit filled with it.

Depending on how the user plays, they could help Advent stay independent or fulfill their mission in a ruthless way. The better and morally right option seems to be helping Advent out, since the Ryder twin states that they have enough water anyway. However, mining gas also negatively affects Eos, which proved difficult to make habitable in the first place. It’s a classic Mass Effect dilemma that fans can ponder over, or make new saves for, which should please fans of the acclaimed series.

Tremor Cause

Regardless of what option is picked, there’s not enough Advent presence in the game. This nulls any repercussions and benefits in either decisions. Nonetheless, it’s possible that Bioware will acknowledge player’s decisions in a possible sequel, if they allow players to carry their save file.

Eventually, players find out that the cause of the tremors is a big Remnant boss, which still leads to some decent EXP afterwards. Players can see it in the 10 minute mark of this video, courtesy of Video Game Sophistry.

This is only one of many choices that players will have to make throughout the game, keeping it interesting. It’s a tough choice that some fans might make the wrong decision in, but the morally right one is to help them. Expect more side quests to have the same amount of drama or more, since the series is practically built on difficult choices.

Mass Effect Andromeda is available now on the PS4, Xbox One and Windows PC. The same creators have also made Dragon Age: Inquisition, so players should check that out as well.

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