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Mass Effect Andromeda: Issues Bioware Should Fix Immediately

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mass effect andromeda
A solider looks at the distance. [Image by official Mass Effect website]

The next entry in Bioware’s Mass Effect series launches tomorrow, and there’s a lot to be excited about in the massive game. However, fans have noticed a few glaring issues shortly after the early access trial launched. These problems are a few things that Bioware should look into. Here are some of the problems that Bioware should fix in Mass Effect Andromeda soon.


This is perhaps one of the most infamous issues players have seen so far in Mass Effect Andromeda. Compared to the original trilogy’s facial animations, the ones in the upcoming title look mediocre at best. The problem is that the facial animations in the first trilogy isn’t even something special to begin with,

Players have commented that characters in Mass Effect Andromeda are expressionless and there’s obviously something wrong with how the game should look. Bioware should first look into this issue even though it’s a minor issue and doesn’t affect gameplay, however; the mediocre animations tend to pull out the players from the experience.  

Squad Features

Another point of comparison between the upcoming game and the original series is that in the original Mass Effect, players are allowed to tinker with their squad in a multitude of ways, including gear and equipment. Surprisingly, the squad customization system in the first game didn’t push through in the upcoming installment as the studio wanted to establish each character’s uniqueness.

Fans are definitely going to look for deeper customization features for their squad in Mass Effect Andromeda. While this isn’t exactly an issue, we’re still rooting for Bioware to upgrade the game’s squad customization system as soon as possible. Bioware doesn’t need to add new features, but we do want the same features from the original trilogy.


The PC version of Mass Effect Andromeda already has a few issues despite being in early access only. This isn’t new as most game launches are always accompanied with a few bugs and problems that look to annoy players constantly. There are a few workarounds, but players shouldn’t have to go through these bugs in the first place.

There might be more issues that Bioware should sort out and we’re about to find out tomorrow. For now, it’s best for Bioware to look into the issues stated above so that players have a better experience while in the shoes of the Ryder siblings.

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