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Mass Effect Andromeda Input Lag Bugs Players

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Bioware’s latest entry in the Mass Effect series didn’t surpass all expectations, but it’s apparent that the game still managed to accrue a huge following. The game is not without it’s issues, and there’s a lot of it that the developer should look into as soon as possible. Players on the PC for example are suffering from Mass Effect Andromeda input lag problems that affects players’ enjoyment drastically.

A few players are taking to various websites and forums to rant about the Mass Effect Andromeda input lag problems. The issue has been present since the launch date last week and the list of complaints continue to grow. Amongst all bugs and issues, Bioware should look into the Mass Effect Andromeda input lag problems first as it’s one of the biggest complaints currently.

Redditor blckknight61 notes that he has experienced the problem even in the early access trial version. He double checked first to see if the issue lies with his rig, which could have affected all of his games; however, upon booting up and running Mass Effect Andromeda 3, the game didn’t have any problems with the input whatsoever. What’s even more surprising is that Mass Effect Andromeda is performing poorer than a previous-gen game.

There are a lot more players voicing their complaints online regarding this issue. This image shared by Redditor Dr_Thumbs reveals many of the game’s players complaining about input lag. It’s worth noting that this is just on Reddit alone and there may be other sites that players are taking their complaints to.

Input lag is a big problem that can affect both a player’s enjoyment and efficiency in gaming. In video games, input lag can be one of two things. It could be the delay when the TV or monitor is receiving signal. It could also be the delay of the controller input. Either way, players are in for a lot of trouble if they experience any of these two forms of input lag.

In Mass Effect Andromeda, players are experiencing delays in the game’s controls. Be it on mouse and keyboard or a controller, the issue remains the same. Both PC and console players are on the receiving end of the problem.

It’s high time Bioware addresses this long running issue as many players are having a difficult time in the game. Hopefully, a fix for it will come in the next patch for the game.

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