Mass Effect Andromeda: Graphics Downgrade and Weird Animations Haunt the Game

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mass effect andromeda
One of many odd facial animations. [Image from NeoGAF]

Mass Effect Andromeda has many fans excited, especially since we’re a week away from it being released around the world. While most are looking forward to the game, some are a bit skeptical with it due to some visual problems. Bioware has gained a notorious reputation for having great storylines and odd-looking graphics, so Andromeda isn’t any different.

The game already has a number of hilarious-looking bugs, which many are hoping will or won’t be patched soon. However, some fans on NeoGAF pointed out that the game received a graphical downgrade, which is disappointing. As if that wasn’t enough, fans who had Early Access to the title have reported some weird animations.

Graphics Downgrade

Comparing the reveal of Mass Effect Andromeda to its current state is like night and day, though it’s not ugly. Character models are less realistic than when we first saw them, and the lighting is not as impressive as before. While not an ugly game by any means, it’s not inspiring confidence within the fanbase, especially with the weird animations.

Dragon Age: Inquisition wasn’t the prettiest game to hit a current-gen console either, but the story was enough for players. Bioware seems to hire the best writers, so there’s a chance that the characters and plot could do the trick. Addictive gameplay should help as well, which is one of the company’s specialties, as can be seen from previous games.

Weird Animations

YouTuber xLetalis has collected some of the weirder animations found in Mass Effect Andromeda, and they aren’t pretty. Some of the scenes look fine, like a scene where a Ryder is making out with a girl. Conversations, on the other hand, take a turn for the weird, as they feature unusual facial expressions.

Aside from the typical dead eye stare we see in a Bioware game, the characters can also be a bit emotionless. This won’t be good for the more emotional scenes, but keep in mind that this is early in the game. Maybe the facial animations will be more expressive, or they could be too expressive, resulting in weirder animation.

Mass Effect Andromeda is slated for a March 21 release for the Windows PC, PS4, and Xbox One. Expect plenty of staples from the previous games, including alien sex and in-depth characters, among others. Fans of Bioware can check out Dragon Age: Inquisition as well, which had won numerous awards.

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