Mass Effect Andromeda Gameplay Trailer: Equipment Crafting, Combat, And More Details Shown At The Game Awards 2016

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Mass Effect Andromeda Gameplay Trailer

BioWare at The Game Awards 2016 has released a new Mass Effect Andromeda gameplay trailer in 4K. While the company has already showcased the game before, this latest footage was captured in-engine and is “representative of the game experience” once it launches in Spring 2017. From in-game environment to weapons, gears and abilities, the gameplay trailer highlights the combat and crafting elements too.

If you have big hopes from the Mass Effect Andromeda release, the latest gameplay footage won?t kill your excitement. The game is bringing an environment where you?ll need to survive and be careful about your surroundings. The dialogue wheel was also shwon in the trailer, though it’s not yet apparent how big of a difference it will be with the previous games. Combat also looks exciting with all the new abilities given to players.

In the Mass Effect Andromeda gameplay trailer, you can see Ryder,driving vehicles, fighting enemies using some extraordinary abilities and weapons. You’ll also see Ryder using the scanning tool multiple times in the trailer in order for him to analyse objects in his surroundings.?

Starting From Scratch

The narrator explains that as you start?the game, you only have your ship and not much decent equipment.?For everything else, you will need to rely on crafting or if you are a good fighter or explorer, you can get them by stealing or lootim them on the planets. The resources on the planets are rare and on top of that, the game?s environment is not safe because some of them are?hazardous.

The Nomad ship showcased in the gameplay trailer looks pretty amazing. Bioware has yet to announce more details about the ship and its features.?

The combat system also retains the same feel of the series. Bioware also showcased new powers and abilities in the trailer. Watch the complete gameplay here as the game producer Michael Gamble says you might find something more in the trailer.

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