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Mass Effect Andromeda Gameplay: New Look At Seamless Open-World Exploration Possibly At CES 2017

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Mass Effect Andromeda

Recently, the Mass Effect Twitter account confirmed that they?ll be appearing in the upcoming Consumer Electronics 2017 on January 5 to 8 through the Nvidia show. Potentially, the ?environments and gameplay? reveal may include discussions about the upcoming Mass Effect Andromeda?s exploration system. Here?s what we know so far about the upcoming reveal.

NVidia Show

According to the Mass Effect Twitter account, Mass Effect Andromeda will be appearing at the Nvidia CES show this coming January 4, 2017. The ?environments and gameplay? reveal is vague and players will really have to see the show to know what they mean. If you can?t attend CES 2017, Nvidia will provide a livestream on their official site. No links are up yet, but it?s possible that Nvidia may use their official Twitch or YouTube accounts for their stream.

Seamless Open World Exploration For A Change?

Potentially, EA and Nvidia may have prepared some exploration-focused reveal in CES 2017 to have a change of pace from its previous reveals. The game?s E3 reveal featured the game?s 4K graphics compatibility and a few scenes from the game. Meanwhile, The Game Awards 2016 Mass Effect Andromeda trailer revealed some familiar gameplay and a little tease about the game?s world. ?These worlds are big? so for the sake of time, we?re going to speed up our adventure,? it was said in the trailer.

The Game Awards trailer skipped on discussing the game?s world in detail to cover more of the game?s features. Potentially, the?developers may pick up on this discussion in the upcoming CES 2017. Showcasing the seamless exploration aspect of the game is a great way to showcase Nvidia’s technology, so it’s possible we’ll get a full real-time gameplay showcase at the event.?

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Mass Effect Andromeda So Far

Currently, many of the game?s starting lore and general content have already been revealed. The game still has both the large exploration features and the focused dialogue drama between the player and the characters. The overall quality of the game is yet to be determined until its release, so it?ll take awhile before we know if the new game?will hold up as a good entry to the series. Stay updated with more Mass Effect Andromeda news here on The BitBag.

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