Mass Effect Andromeda Exploit: Exp Glitch To Level Up Easily

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mass effect andromeda exploit
Staring off into space. [Image from official Mass Effect website]

To the surprise of absolutely no one, there is a Mass Effect Andromeda exploit for leveling up Ryder and friends. As anyone who’s played the game knows, leveling up Ryder will lead to the rest of the squad getting experience. Since Andromeda is one of the buggiest AAA games this gen, it’s only natural to find an XP exploit.

The Exploit

According to Reddit user GhostConstruct, the exploit takes place during a mission in Planet Voeld during the “Remove the Heart” side quest where one of the objectives is to destroy the defense matrix. Doing this side objective will give players about 500 XP, which is a decent amount to get for machine destruction. However, if the player decides to go back up the hill, the side objective mark will flash again, seemingly restarting it.

Instead of redoing the side objective, players merely have to run back to the base before hearing an explosion, giving players an additional 500 XP. This Mass Effect Andromeda exploit can be done over and over until the player has his/her desired XP. The aforementioned Reddit user used this exploit to level up three or four times before getting bored, so patience is needed.

The Benefits

Since the game is a Western RPG in space, the benefits of this exploit are enormous, or at least useful in getting specific skills. Ryder needs XP points so that he can learn new abilities and skills, as well as upgrading previously owned skills. The player’s squad abilities can also be upgraded, though there are no customization options for them, so they just get more powerful.

As far as exploits go, this is pretty useful, though the amount of time it takes ensures that it won’t break the game. Pessimists will argue that the game is plenty broken already, but the title does have it’s fair share of good moments. Only time will tell if the developers decide to fix this in a patch, along with the often criticized animations that have plagued the title.

More Exploits?

Given the seemingly rushed nature of the game, this probably isn’t the only Mass Effect Andromeda exploit players have found. To be fair, other great RPGs have also had exploits, so this is nothing new to the genre. Exploits can usually be found in these open-world RPGs, like Fallout 4 or Skyrim, so if anything, these were expected.

Mass Effect Andromeda is available now on PC, PS4 and Xbox One. No season pass is planned for the game, though there will be DLC.

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