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Mass Effect Andromeda Early Access Trial Fails To Show The Best Parts Of The Game

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A Mass Effect Andromeda Artwork
One Of The Ships In Mass Effect Andromeda [Image Courtesy Of Mass Effect Andromeda Official Website]

Mass Effect Andromeda is due out tomorrow, and players only have to wait a few more hours before getting their hands on what Bioware has to offer. These past days, players have uncovered the downsides of the game thanks to the early access trial. Many have reported that the game is a slow-burner, and the parts revealed in the trial are nothing compared to the full experience.

Many are already on edge about whether or not Mass Effect Andromeda is worth buying after getting their hands on the early access version. This is mainly because players have gripes with what the game has to offer in terms of story, dialogue and gameplay. Players shouldn’t be too quick on giving up on the game though as it could get better in the long run.

Early Access Trial Fails To Paint A Good Picture

Shinobi602 reports that Mass Effect Andromeda gets better after players leave Eos. There’s a progress barrier in the trial version that allows players to enjoy only the first few hours of the single-player campaign, so players can’t readily see everything that’s up ahead.

“Can’t go into detail but Mass Effect: Andromeda really opens up after you leave Eos. There’s a ton of great story beats to follow up on,” says Shinobi602.

Cultured Vultures also has the same comments for the game. It’s a slow-burner that would get better in the long run. However, it adds that the game might not become better enough. There are quite a few things to point out in the game, but the major downsides are with regards to the game’s characters and story.

Twinfinite also stated that the 10-hours early access trial “is too little for a game with an incredibly weak opening.” Considering the first few hours are focused on tutorials as well as establishing the game’s world, a time-limited trial also forces players to rush through the slow burn experience.

Similar To Fallout: New Vegas?

The story and the interesting characters in the original Mass Effect trilogy is part of what makes it great. Fans have a lot of expectations with regards to the story so with Mass Effect Andromeda’s being disappointing, it could already pose as a problem to fans of the series.

Redditor Ipleaserecylel comments that Mass Effect Andromeda is on the same track as Fallout New Vegas. The game was on the receiving end of countless hate and negative comments at launch, but after a few years since the game’s release, it was seen as an amazing title.

With all the comments for the game, it’s very likely that Mass Effect Andromeda will get better over time. All we could wish for now is that it isn’t the same as Final Fantasy 13 that got better only after at least 20 hours in the game.

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