Mass Effect Andromeda: Should EA Make A Trilogy?

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Mass Effect Andromeda

Will Mass Effect Andromeda be the start of a brand new trilogy? Or one of many new standalone stories set in the same universe? Though the game doesn?t come out till next year, some gamers are already thinking about the future.

What’s Next After Mass Effect Andromeda?

Over on Reddit, fans of the franchises have begun speculating on where Bioware plans to take the series after Andromeda?s launch. User GeneralMaul points out that making Andromeda a standalone would eliminate one of the franchise?s signature traits: the carrying over of player decisions from game-to-game. While this is definitely a valid point, you could also argue that the ?importing of decisions? rarely makes a significant impact in terms of the overall narrative. You may get a small reference here or alternate dialogue option there, but often times it doesn?t really matter.

The Witcher 3, easily the most successful western RPG in recent times, completely glossed over huge events and characters from the previous two games, and it didn?t seem to negatively impact the story.

If direct sequels are already in the works, most fans say they would not want Andromeda?s ending to be sacrificed.??I think first Andromeda game could be a well-rounded standalone story with an open/closed style story ending, which could leave the possibility of a second and third game to follow on. So i’d hope to see it become a trilogy,? said user The-Vision.

The unique premise of Mass Effect: Andromeda also presents some interesting restrictions for Bioware. Seeing as how the story focuses on the crew members of a single ship, there?s theoretically a finite amount of characters they could use in the future. Previous Bioware games have featured huge shuffling casts of party members, but how can you do that with the limited amount of crew on the Tempest?

It will certainly be interesting to see how Mass Effect Andromeda shapes out.

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