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Mass Effect Andromeda E3 2016 Gameplay Reveal: Not Just A Short Trailer? [Update]

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Mass Effect Andromeda

Mass Effect Andromeda will get a full reveal at E3 2016, and Bioware will reportedly give the game a Fallout 4-like treatment this year. If the leaked information from a well-known insider is true, Mass Effect Andromeda may come out during the holiday season this year. It is expected that the studio will reveal all the secrets they hinted at in their cryptic social media posts.

It is officially confirmed that Mass Effect Andromeda will make an appearance at E3 this year. According to Shinobi602, the game will be featured in full, and Bioware will give a full blown detailed presentation like what Bethesda did with their Fallout 4 E3 presentation last year. ?They’re approaching it Fallout 4 style, from who I’ve talked to,? he said In a Twitter post.

People who watched Bethesda?s E3 presentation last year will remember how Bethesda unveiled the details about Fallout. Bethesda revealed the Fallout 4 release date, all the new RPG systems, new features, and a mobile game at E3 2015. If what the source says is true, then fans should truly be excited for Bioware?s reveal.

While developer Bioware recently announced that the studio will reveal something at E3, the developer hasn?t confirmed that it is going to reveal Mass Effect Andromeda in full. The studio also did not say anything about having a Fallout 4 style reveal.

Recently, a video about Mass Effect Andromeda also appeared on the YouTube channel MrMattyPlays. The video features the same revelations made by the same leaker about the game. He again said that the game will have a full reveal at E3 2016.

Regarding his claims, Shinobi602, on NeoGaf, said, “You definitely won’t get that. In fact, ‘blowout’ is much too strong a word I think. It’ll be real good stuff, but I think everyone should temper themselves and not expect a deep dive Fallout or even Horizon style. I know that’s different than what I insinuated before but, well yea.”

Bioware has been sharing very few details about the game, but the studio has confirmed that the development is getting along well. Various rumors have been circulating about the game?s release, and those from well-known industry insiders further fuel fans? excitement for Mass Effect Andromeda.


Bioware has now released their new trailer for the game and sadly, it never came close to Bethesda’s Fallout 4 showcase. Nonetheless, a few snippets of gameplay can be seen in the Mass Effect Andromeda trailer at EA Play. You can watch the footage here.

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