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Mass Effect Andromeda DLC: Story Arcs Bioware Should Introduce

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One Of The Romance Options In Mass Effect Andromeda
Artwork Of PeeBee In Mass Effect Andromeda [Image Courtesy Of Mass Effect Andromeda Website]

Bioware has a few announcements tomorrow regarding the most recent entry in the Mass Effect series. We’ve yet to know what the announcement will be about, but many are hoping for Bioware to finally unveil the first set of DLCs for Mass Effect Andromeda. There are a lot of plotlines BIoware can tackle in the additional content, but fans have a few story arcs in mind when it comes to the Mass Effect Andromeda DLC.

Time Travel

The Mass Effect series draws heavily from the sci-fi genre. Despite this, none of the games have yet to tackle anything about time travel. Now would be a good time to do so since the first trilogy is set 600 years before Mass Effect Andromeda. Bioware could introduce a Mass Effect Andromeda DLC wherein Ryder and Shepard meets.

Like most things in sci-fi and time travel, Bioware could chalk up a journey back through time to a rift in the space time continuum. It would be neat to see Ryder and Shepard’s crew join forces against a common enemy. Moreover, fans of the original game have a lot to look forward to if this does happen as it would be nice having to see Commander Shepard and his entire squad in action once again.

Ryder Siblings’ Father

The father of the Ryder siblings’ is no joke. He is a seasoned N7 veteran and was a Pathfinder for the Andromeda Initiative. Sadly, we barely got to see Alec Ryder as the game didn’t take long before he was killed. Sure enough, before the events of Mass Effect Andromeda, Alec might have been in a few adventures as well.

For the Mass Effect Andromeda DLC,fans may be wanting to fully see the life of Alec Ryder before the main game. It would be a nice and deeper look into the game’s lore and as a plus, players will be able to play as a different character for a few hours or so.

Tempest Crew

The Tempest Crew isn’t as memorable as the provided crew in the Mass Effect trilogy. Still, they deserve to have their backstories fleshed out. Perhaps one of the most lovable and most interesting characters is PeeBee. It would be nice to see what PeeBee’s life was before Ryder arrived on the Nexus. A DLC like this would also make the squadmates feel more special.

Nexus DLC

Before Ryder and his team arrived in Andromeda, the Nexus and its people all lost hope in living a decent life in the new galaxy. Disputes, exiling, and many other issues occurred during its 14 months stay in Andromeda. Some fans want a Mass Effect Andromeda DLC set during this time to help them fully understand what happened before Ryder arrived. .  

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