Mass Effect Andromeda DLC: How to Get All Pathfinder Equipment

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Mass Effect Andromeda

Although the game doesn?t release until next year, you can already start earning the Mass Effect Andromeda DLC right now. It?s a pretty simple process, so read on to learn how.

Earn Pathfinder Gear In Mass Effect Andromeda

To unlock the special Pathfinder armor set, all you need to do is watch the Andromeda Initiative videos Bioware released on N7 day. To qualify for the Mass Effect Andromeda DLC, you?ll need to view the video in its entirety directly on the game?s website. Once that?s done, you should receive this message:

?Congratulations, you have completed your first mission briefing, and your progress towards earning an exclusive special edition Pathfinder helmet has been recorded. New briefings will be released as the launch date of the Andromeda Initiative approaches.?

To start, head over to this link and hit the ?recruitment details? button. As of now, the helmet is the only known bonus you can earn, but many fans speculate that more Pathfinder pieces could be given away as more video briefings are released.

?I think one of the devs confirmed a while back that the Andromeda Initiative will give you more than just the ?DLC helmet but I’m not exactly certain since it seems I’m not able to dig up the source on that. Something to keep in mind though,? said one user on this?Reddit thread.

Mass Effect Andromeda is still several months away, so it is possible that more bonus items will arise as we get closer to release. We?ll keep you posted if we find out any more information.

A major gameplay reveal for Mass Effect Andromeda is due next month during the 2016 Game Awards. Make sure not to miss out on that.?For the latest Mass Effect Andromeda news and updates, keep it right here on the BitBag.

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