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Mass Effect Andromeda Vetra Romance Sex Scene Allegedy Cut By Bioware, Petition Surfaces Online

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mass effect andromeda
Vetra, the character fans want to see naked. [Image from official Mass Effect website]

One common complaint Mass Effect Andromeda has faced is the lack of sex scenes with some of its characters, particularly the Turian named Vetra. The alien character is someone fans have wanted to bed, but they ended up with a disappointing fade to black kissing scene. It looks like there was originally going to be a Vetra sex scene, but it might have been cut.

Fans previously found a sound file of Vetra moaning, which means a more intense scene was definitely cut. Outraged at the development, a few fans have now begun a petition to get the scene put back in the game. This might sound odd to some, but the lack of proper alien loving for the Turian race since the game’s trilogy has upset the Mass Effect loyalists. As of writing, the petition has 60 supporters and they are still searching hard for Vetra’s deleted romance animation. 

Mass Effect Controversy

This isn’t the only controversy Mass Effect Andromeda has faced, as the game received criticism for poorly done gay sex. Love making scenes with Cora, PeeBee and Jaal show them raw and naked, while most LGBT sex fades to black. It’s pretty unfair, especially when one considers that Dragon Age: Inquisition won numerous LGBT awards a few years ago.

While the game does allow LGBT relationships, the fact that their sex scenes don’t get the same treatment has been a subject of controversy. Aliens have also been given an unfair treatment when it comes to the game’s sex scenes, hence the petition for Vetra to get hers put back. She can be courted by both Ryder twins, so it’s easy to see why fans want her sex scenes in the game.

Some fans also speculate Bioware originally planned a detailed male Ryder romance with Vetra and they skimped on the sex to make Vetra romanceable for all genders. We’ll never know if this truly happened unless Bioware speaks out on the issue. 

Will Bioware Listen?

After receiving average reviews, Bioware have a lot to do to make Mass Effect Andromeda more appealing to newcomers. More than that, they have to please the fans that bought the game out of loyalty, despite some of it’s flaws. Adding Vetra’s sex scene would be a decent first step in making the fans feel better about their purchase.

Currently, the game suffers from some ugly animations and weird faces, which have practically become memes. The game might still have fans here and there, but no one is denying that the game is disappointing. Here is hoping that Bioware try to appease the fans with updates and the lack of a season pass, which most have already praised.

Mass Effect Andromeda is available now on the PS4, Xbox One and Windows PC. Despite a few flaws, there seems to be an enjoyable game underneath, hence fans still buying it.


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