Mass Effect Andromeda Cryo Pods Pts: Essential Pods Worth Unlocking

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Mass Effect Andromeda
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Mass Effect Andromeda’s story pits the Pathfinder to find resources to make it viable to thaw out other professionals for the Andromeda Initiative. Players will be rewarded with bonus stats and bonuses according to the thawed Cryo Pod NPCs. Thawing out people has a limit, which means players will have to decide which ones to bring out first.

Mass Effect Andromeda Cryosleep Pods

Mass Effect Andromeda has the Andromeda Viability Points system where players must earn these points to thaw more people out of cryosleep. These points are earned from exploring, forging alliances with the Andromeda natives, and generally making the Andromeda planets more habitable for the Nexus citizens. Waking up these professionals will add some in-game bonuses for the players to enjoy.

Essential Pods

Each cryosleep pod is classified into three groups and each with its own specializations. Players have the Science, Military, and Commerce pods to choose from and assess which are needed to improve the main character’s journey. At the early game, players will have no idea to focus on first as they have no idea which will maximize their first early game playthrough.

If you’re new and want to maximize each of your Cryo Pod points early, go to the Commerce pods and thaw a Trade Capacity character. These characters increases inventory spaces for the player character. A larger inventory bag means more space for loot to bring during your quests.

Lastly, the Reconnaissance character from the Military pods marks chests near discovered forward stations. The Trade Capacity and Reconnaissance bonus combo will encourage exploring for loot, which may give good weapons.

Pod Limit

Currently, the maximum  Nexus Level is level 20, which can only grant your 20 AVP for NPC thawing. AVP progression is not reset when entering the New Game+ mode. This means can continue unlocking all the pods in succeeding playthroughs.

Other Handy Perks

The Reconnaissance and Trade Capacity perks will start feeling less useful once the player has many weapons, equipment, and materials back in the storage. Players will also need to invest on perks that boost combat proficiency like Advanced Training and Always Prepared. Investing on science pods will allow you to research blueprints faster, which are needed to craft better items and equipment. Lastly, the Commerce perks, like Financial Infrastructure and Grey Market Connections allow you get better shop prices and other trade-related negotiations. Stay updated with more Mass Effect Andromeda news and guides here on TheBitBag.

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